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Round About Products

Round About Products, the parent company of Grip-EASY™, was created after we were asked  if  it was possible to develop a grip to fit on a spoon so someone with arthritis could feed herself.  The owners began thinking about what would be a viable solution, and Grip-EASY™ was born.

Made from FDA approved plastic which is dishwasher safe, closed-cell to reduce germs, and slightly spongy, Grip-EASY™ makes it much easier for those of us that need a little help gripping our everyday utensils. Easy to put on and take off, Grip-EASY™ is the versatile solution to gripping problems and is reuseable.

Manufactured in the United States, Grip-EASY™ products are packaged and shipped from the Round About Products corporate headquarters in Hutto, Texas (20 miles north of Austin, Texas.)

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